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The Schwier Team combines years of real estate experience to find your dream home or market your property with enthusiasm, knowledge and persistence.

We specialize in selling and marketing of new and existing residential real estate.

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Why Buy?

Owning your own home offers many benefits ranging from increased stability and security to investment and tax advantages.

Most homeowners find satisfaction and pride in owning their own home. In the same survey, 76 percent of the homeowners and 66 percent of the renters interviewed considered pride in ownership an important reason for buying.

The NAR survey revealed that almost 70 percent of homeowners and renters found avoiding rent to be an important reason to buy a home. Since renting offers no equity, no tax benefit, and no protection from regular rent increases, it's like watching your hard-earned money float away. Think for a moment: if you're now paying $600 per month for rent ($7200 per year) and your rent increases by 6 percent a year, that means that next year you'll be paying $7632, in five years you'll be paying $9054, and in ten years you'll be paying $12,164. After ten years, you will have spent $94,856 on rent and have nothing to show for it.

Buying a home you can afford is generally a wise financial choice.

Why Buy?
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